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Introducing bittyrinas to brand new experiences through literary works

"The Very First” book series introduces readers to Bittyrina GiGi who is a young girl embarking on her first of many dance experiences. She gets a little nervous, but with help, she manages to cope and conquer


The series starts with “The Very First Ballet Class for a Bittyrina” which walks through the moments leading up to Bittyrina GiGi’s first ballet class at Miss Sheila’s School of Dance.

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Introducing bittyrinas to the dance experience through literary works

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Bittyrina GiGi has made many new friends at Miss Sheila’s School of Dance. They have so much fun together while learning ballet positions and dance routines.

In The Very First Dance Party for a Bittyrina, GiGi decides to host her very first dance party and is excited to show her home to her friends from dance class. As the day of the party nears, GiGi realizes just how much work is required to throw a successful party. Before they can all have fun and play, she must complete a number of tasks in preparation for her party guests’ arrival. This makes her a little anxious.

Even after the completion of a party task list, an unexpected snag occurs. GiGi learns that in planning a successful party, as a hostess, one should plan activities that will bring everyone together despite their differences. Preparation is key! 


GiGi has completed her first year of dance at Miss Sheila's School of Dance, but she will continue her dance training as a summer dance camp participant. She is excited by the opportunity to learn different styles of dance, but is also little nervous about spending longer days at the dance school while studying under several new dance teachers.


In The Very First Dance Camp for a Bittyrina, GiGi recounts her weekly routine. She has become comfortable with the events of each day, but as the school year ends and summer begins, her schedule is filled with new and different activities.


Bittyrina GiGi learns that new experiences are less unnerving when you prepare. She also finds that a new experience is even more exciting when your friends explore it with you!

About the Books

Each book was crafted to give your beginner a boost as they prepare for major goals. For unique activities that drives home the lessons in our books, download the supplemental workbook.



The mere thought of enduring anything for the very first time can be an ominous, yet momentous experience. GiGi is a young girl who is nervous about beginning her ballet training. For her, the world of ballet is enthralling, but it is also intimidating.


Bittyrina GiGi wants to be a ballerina like her older sister, and a prima ballerina like her mommy, but she must first attend early dance classes with a stern dance teacher named Miss Sheila.


In The Very First Ballet Class for a Bittyrina, GiGi learns that preparation is the key to suppressing the anxiety that students endure while training to become an expert. To become an expert, one must first endure the discomfort of being a novice.

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