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About Bittyrina

Founder of Bittyrina, B. Lin Murphy, wants to make being active easier for girls

B. Lin Murphy

B. Lin Murphy founded Bittyrina and authored "The Very First" book series to help active kids with big dreams maintain the confidence and determination required to achieve them.  

Bittyrina was conceived after B. Lin was faced with preparing her daughter for her very first dance class. She considered that many parents were like her and planned to enroll their children in various activities, but wondered how often parents considered the emotional impact of these introductions. Being a beginner is difficult. In fact, the difficulty of being a beginner can be too much for children to overcome without support.


Her daughter, Khoi, is sensory-sensitive and struggles with certain textures. Before Bittyrina, Khoi had difficulty adjusting to her dance leotard and ballet tights. She loved to dance, but refused to wear her dance uniform. 

B. Lin learned that thousands of children like Khoi exist and develops activewear, specifically girls' dance wear, that is high-quality and "sensory-sensitive kid-approved."  She hopes to eliminate barriers to activity for girls.


Drawing upon 20 years of dance and performance experience, B. Lin uses "The Very First” book series to teach readers that preparation is the key to managing the nervousness that often accompanies being a novice. The message can be applied to an infinite number of experiences, and readers of all backgrounds can relate to what she has coined “beginners’ anxiety.”


B. Lin was a former professional performer as a child and is familiar with a variety of coping mechanisms to use when nervousness is a threat. Her experience extends from the stage to the boardroom. Through the "Very First" book series, she shares tools and lessons that will empower readers as they embark on fresh experiences as students. 


Through Bittyrina, B. Lin Murphy designs apparel, develops programming and literature, hosts a semiannual scholarship, and sources gear to encourage active girls as they "pursue the possible." B. Lin teaches her own bittyrina that any goal can be conquered with the right tools, preparation, and group of enthusiastic supporters! 

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